Village of La Bâtie-Montsaléon


La Bâtie-Montsaléon sits in the département des Hautes Alpes (05), between the towns Veynes (northbound) and Serres (southbound), in the Buëch river valley. The sun shines about 300 day a year.

Pilgrimage site for gauls and Roman garrison town

It seems the gauls pried for the goodness Allambrina. In 1804 M. Bonnaire and M. Ladoucette leads excavations, which unearth traces of an important roman's «mansio». It seems that La bâtie Montsaléon was an important city on a crossroad. If you want more information about it : go to the Gap Museum.

Middle ages : Onwership of de Flotte family

In the middle ages, one can see traces of the village called Bastida Monte Seleuci, which was re built on the hill. The castel (XIV or beginning of XV century) sits on the top. Today, the castel is restored and is a private ownership (no visit !). One can see the escutcheon of the De Flotte family which lead the village from XII to XVII century.

Assomption church

The church was built probably in the middle of XVII century on the basement of a previous roman church. the abside and painting are registred in the invenrtory of Historical Monuments.

Other information's sources

The official web site for the village Le Bersac has some page are devoted to La Bâtie Montsaléon.
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